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  • ExpressVPN tops Comparitech’s speed test
    ExpressVPN has topped Comparitech’s 2019 review of the fastest VPNs on the market. During the tests, ExpressVPN averaged a download speed of 106 Megabits per second, beating second place by nearly 30 Mbps! Comparitech tested all the top VPN providers for speed and how well they performed at streaming HD… Read more »
  • The Florida DMV sells your personal information and there’s no way to opt out
    ABC News Florida’s I-Team issued a breaking news story last week, revealing government documents that prove that the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DMV) sells personal information of residents to third party companies. ABC News Florida’s Adam Walser discovered this information after being tipped off by a… Read more »
  • Top 5 Reasons Every Gamer Needs a VPN
    A VPN has many benefits including protecting your online security and privacy, unblocking online content, and giving you an anonymous IP address, but did you know that gamers can benefit from a VPN as well?  Here are the top 5 reasons why every serious gamer needs a VPN: 1. Reduces… Read more »
  • Report: Stalkerware apps not held accountable for infringing privacy rights
    Stalkerware—spyware applications installed on devices to surveil children, employees, and partners—has become the latest tool used by abusers to exert power and control over targeted individuals. Numerous reports have previously explored in great depth the scope and pervasiveness of spyware and the abuse these apps have facilitated since their naissance… Read more »
  • Art can change the world
    Illustration by Carty Sewill Art can change the world. Warhol showed us all the beauty in our everyday; from Coke bottles to Campbell’s soup cans. Social change is led by those brave enough to see the world differently. Such vision is rarely rewarded and is often seen as a threat… Read more »
  • The fight for online privacy is heating up in Maine
    About two years ago, the United States Senate voted in favor of Senate Joint Resolution 34, essentially enabling internet service providers (ISPs) to sell personal consumer information—location history and browsing data—to the highest bidder. That’s despite the bill’s robust opposition, which brought together journalists, privacy advocates, and even ISPs themselves.… Read more »
  • Here’s why Google thinks you should trust it with unprecedented quantities of your city’s “urban data”
    Last October, Privacy News Online wrote about an ambitious project from Google’s sister company, Sidewalk Labs. It aims to take the idea of a “smart city” to the next level, measuring everything that happens in the public sphere so that it can be optimized – and monetized. As that post… Read more »
  • Wozniak says we should get off Facebook but why should Zuckerberg care?
    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is the latest tech celebrity to urge users to purge their Facebook account, suggesting that the privacy risks are concerning and that there’s no way of effectively determining whether apps are eavesdropping on private conversations. “For some, the benefits of Facebook are worth the loss of… Read more »
  • Staying private online could save you big bucks
    By far the biggest offenders when it comes to mining your data are not governments or police, but rather advertising agencies. They will buy up your credit card history from your bank, embed trackers into the web pages they visit and trick you into downloading tools that monitor your behavior… Read more »
  • How to Vote in the 2019 Teen Choice Awards
    The 2019 Teen Choice Awards are approaching but voting is only open to residents of the US. Here’s how you can bypass geo-restrictions and cast your vote for the awards.  What are the Teen Choice Awards? The Teen Choice Awards is a yearly awards show that honors the year’s biggest… Read more »
  • PwC audits ExpressVPN servers to confirm essential privacy protections
    At ExpressVPN, we take your privacy and security extremely seriously. To best protect our customers, we follow a central principle of never storing any data that could compromise a user’s privacy or security. That means not knowing what you do online when connected to our service—no activity logs, no connection… Read more »
  • The writing is on the wall for ads based on real-time bidding in the EU – and maybe everywhere
    Privacy News Online noted back in February a growing disquiet at the huge amounts of personal information that sites like Facebook and Google routinely gather about us, and how it is used for personalized advertising. Of particular concern is real-time bidding (RTB), which sees often extremely private information sent out… Read more »
  • Taking out the Middleman: Prevent SSL Stripping
    Hackers have used an SSL Strip for years. So why haven’t websites made it impossible to do? Learn how you can take your online security into your own hands. Unfortunately, nearly every user of the Internet is susceptible all kinds of Wi-Fi hacking software. And even though SSL Stripping was… Read more »
  • Why Facebook’s new Libra cryptocurrency will be a privacy disaster
    Facebook has been appearing on this blog with increasing frequency. In one way, that’s natural. A social network, by definition, is about people and their personal information, and so is likely to be of interest to readers of this site. But Facebook is frequently cavalier in how with how it… Read more »
  • 8 apps to protect your privacy online
    Navigating the privacy minefield that is today’s internet can be a challenge. With cybersecurity incidents like the Equifax hack and China’s brazen targeting of U.S. companies appearing so frequently in the news, you should be guarding your digital footprint more zealously than ever before. Our phones and other personal devices… Read more »
    In order to keep StrongVPN running smoothly, we need to perform routine maintenance on our servers and networks. This routine server maintenance includes items such as operating system updates, bug fixes, hardware checks, and VPN server reboots. To make our routine maintenance efforts more predictable for customers, we have chosen… Read more »
  • SALE! Save up to $50 on a VPN router
    For the Fourth of July, we’re offering special discounts on select routers from Thursday, July 4 through Monday, July 8! Using a router configured with StrongVPN is a simple way to protect all of your devices from one secure source. And with these exclusive savings, there’s never been a better… Read more »
  • Why should I use two-factor authentication?
    You might have skipped over your email provider’s prompt: Turn on two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is a secondary security measure for logging into an online account, whether it’s your banking service or a social media site. It means that after entering a username and a correct password, you… Read more »
  • What to Do When Your Social Media Account Is Hacked
      If you’ve lost control of your account, look no further! We’re here to detail every step you need to take in order to regain access to your account and prevent another social media hack from happening again in the future. Only you can make sure your data is secure!… Read more »
  • Internet Security and Staying Protected
    Internet security is a growing concern for all of us. About 70% of the US population is affected by hackers every year! Read on to learn more about how to stay protected online. What is Internet Security? Not only does the Internet provide users with a plethora of useful information but… Read more »
  • How to Use Airport Wi-Fi Safely
    You can make airport Wi-Fi safe to use with a VPN. Here’s how. You know the feeling. Your flight is scheduled to take off at 7 PM, but the plane hasn’t arrived at the airport yet. Now it’s 8:45 PM, and the arrival/departure board now says your takeoff time is… Read more »
  • 7 privacy and security takeaways in Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report
    The biggest slide deck about the internet is back! Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report has highlighted important online observations since 1995, and this year’s report is a staggering 334 slides. While Meeker’s report touches on a plethora of topics, we took a closer look at the trends surrounding online privacy… Read more »
  • Avoiding Cryptocurrency Scams: Stay Safe with Bitcoin
    Anyone using cryptocurrencies needs to know about every Bitcoin scam and what the risks are. Read on to find out our secret to staying safe while paying with Bitcoin. As Bitcoin keeps breaking headlines and attracting investors and practical users from all over the globe, it has become even more… Read more »
  • 5 ways to protect your online finances… In the physical world
    From VPNs to anti-virus software, there is no shortage of precautions to take when protecting your personal banking online. But your financial information can be just as vulnerable to theft in the physical world. Here are six precautions you can take to safeguard your data from high-tech pickpocketing. 1. Check… Read more »
  • How to Unblock YouTube on Any Device
    Have you ever tried to watch a YouTube video and received this message: “This video is not available in your country”? Are you currently in a country where YouTube isn’t accessible, and you’d like to know how to unblock YouTube? Several countries have either permanently or temporarily blocked the most… Read more »