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  • Open Source Code – The Future of User Privacy
    Will we see more and more open source software in the future, or is this a passing trend that will die off eventually? According to survey data, open source is definitely here to stay. Right now, around 78% of companies actually run open source software, and that trend will likely… Read more »
  • How can we protect privacy during a crisis like Covid-19, when “health surveillance” is on the rise around the world?
    A couple of weeks ago, this blog looked at the use of smartphones to track people so that contact tracing can be carried out to slow the spread of Covid-19. Two weeks is a long time in a pandemic. Soon after, it emerged that many countries were going further, and… Read more »
  • How to boost Wi-Fi at home for faster internet
    It will not surprise anyone that internet usage has surged dramatically in the past few weeks, thanks to people isolating and working from home. Streaming platforms have had to slow down their speeds to cope with the influx of demand, and some ISPs have pledged to lift data caps, waive… Read more »
  • Telecoms across Europe are sharing phone location data with governments as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
    A telecommunications lobbying group, the GSMA, has confirmed that several telecom companies in Europe are providing mobile phone location data with the European Union as a way to track the spread of COVID-19. According to Reuters and other media sources, these are the telecommunications companies that are working with the… Read more »
  • Taiwan is using a phone location “electronic fence” to help police track quarantined individuals
    The government in Taiwan has rolled out an “electronic fence” to keep quarantined individuals in their homes. The “electronic fence” uses mobile phone data to notify police if the cell phones of any people under mandatory quarantine leave their home areas. Travelers returning from abroad are subject to a mandatory… Read more »
  • The EU wants you to have the ‘right to repair’ your electronic devices
    If you’re frustrated at not being able to switch batteries in your older generation iPhone, or not being able to update your classic click-wheel iPod, we have some good news for you. The European Union is planning to roll out sweeping measures that would require manufacturers to make it easier… Read more »
  • Unpatched bug in iOS 13.3.1 and later stops VPNs from encrypting all connections
    An ongoing security vulnerability in iPhones and iPads is keeping VPN applications from doing their job. For iOS versions 13.3.1 and later, this bug remains unpatched and has been rated with a 5.3 CVSS v3.1 base score. When a VPN connection is initiated on iOS, all existing internet connections by… Read more »
  • Coronavirus delays the passage of the world’s most important new privacy law
    For obvious and justified reasons, the coronavirus pandemic dominates the news currently. One of the latest developments is that India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has put his entire country on lockdown. Ordering 1.35 billion people to stay indoors is a pretty dramatic move. A side-effect of that lockdown is that… Read more »
  • Poland’s COVID-19 “selfie app” raises privacy questions – will everyone eventually be tracked?
    People in Poland under a mandatory 14-day quarantine have an interesting way to prove that they are following the quarantine. Usually, such mandatory quarantines are checked on by local authorities with physical visits; however, the government there has now released an app that quarantined individuals can opt in to use… Read more »
  • Site to Site (Commercial) VPN vs Remote Access (Personal) VPN
    A VPN is a virtual private network that connects two or more devices via an encrypted tunnel. VPNs are set up using different VPN protocols which include OpenVPN PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, and WireGuard®. There are two main types of VPN connection types and uses: Site to Site and Remote Access.… Read more »
  • Toronto, Canada is now using phone location data to track if people are congregating
    This past Monday, Toronto Mayor Tory announced at a virtual TechTO meetup that the government has been receiving location data from wireless carriers and telecommunication companies in the area to show where people are still congregating and flouting social distancing – The Logic reports. Tory stated: “We had … the… Read more »
  • Free things you can do online when you’re stuck at home
    With cafes and restaurants shut, major sports and music events cancelled, and movement outside your home restricted to essential trips to the supermarket, a lot of people are turning to their devices for entertainment and escape from monotony. If you’re stuck indoors, and working from home, it’s normal to suffer… Read more »
  • StrongVPN for macOS now featuring WireGuard®
    We have exciting news: our macOS app now has WireGuard integration! This means that the WireGuard protocol is now fully supported across all of our apps and platforms, and we’re thrilled to be one of the first consumer VPNs to offer it across the board. WireGuard for macOS  WireGuard, a… Read more »
  • Activists in Minecraft made a digital library to bypass government censorship
    Media freedom activists have built a 125 million block library in a Minecraft map called the “Uncensored Library” which contains a world’s worth of information and is available to read for users within oppressive regimes that otherwise censor such information. This massive digital library was unveiled for the World Day… Read more »
  • Why isn’t Big Tech embraced in its own backyard?
    Silicon Valley and San Francisco’s Bay Area have long been synonymous with Big Tech. It was the center of the dot-com boom of the ’90s, which ushered in the fastest adoption of new technology in modern history, thanks in part to the quick rollout of broadband internet. But the region’s… Read more »
  • 6 Reasons Why You Should Use WireGuard® for Gaming
    If you’re in the market to take your gaming up a notch, look no further than WireGuard. Between faster connection speeds, a secure layer of anonymity and security, access to region-restricted games, and more, this new and improved VPN protocol provides some awesome gaming perks.  1. Faster speeds. There’s no… Read more »
  • Stay Sane With These Work-From-Home Hacks
    Working from home certainly isn’t for everyone. But if you’ve found yourself in a position where it’s your only option, we’ve rounded up these tips to make remote work a little bit easier on yourself.  1. Create a morning routine to replace your commute. For many, commuting to work is… Read more »
  • Jordan uses internet throttling instead of internet shutdowns and blocks to censor websites
    Internet blocking by governments is evolving at a fast pace, and new research shows that one government in particular, Jordan, has decided to start internet throttling instead of blocking to decrease the discoverability of the government’s anti-freedom of expression actions. Access Now recently published their 2019 #KeepItOn report (definitely a… Read more »
  • As Covid-19 spreads around the globe, so does the idea of using smartphones to track everyone to help contact tracing
    It seems extraordinary that it was only a month ago that this blog wrote about the new coronavirus, also called Covid-19. At that time, it was not yet clear whether it would turn into a full-blown pandemic. Now, there is no doubt on the matter. As that blog post reported,… Read more »
  • Countries are using greater surveillance measures to track Covid-19. What are they tracking?
    Heightened global concerns over the novel coronavirus have compelled countries to implement measures such as flight suspensions, mandatory quarantine and work from home mandates, shutdowns of bars and restaurants, and, in some cases, border closures. But one overlooked action to flatten the curve is the constant surveillance of those who… Read more »
  • WireGuide: All about the WireGuard VPN protocol
    WireGuard® is a relatively new VPN protocol when compared with the decades old OpenVPN and approaches software development with a different philosophy – do one thing simple and do it well (efficiently). This is known as the UNIX philosophy. WireGuard is licensed under GPLv2 – which is the same open… Read more »
  • Private Internet Access announces WireGuard VPN Beta
    Private Internet Access is happy to announce that the beta client and apps now feature WireGuard® VPN support. WireGuard on our desktop clients and mobile apps are currently being rolled out to PIA beta testers. Note that this is still a beta version of PIA WireGuard support, there are still… Read more »
  • How to change app permissions on your devices
    When downloading an app to your device, sometimes a message pops up to request permissions that the app would like to have in order to work. These requests seek access to various parts of your device, ranging from your camera and microphone to your text messages and location services. Sometimes… Read more »
  • Police forces around the world continue to push for routine – and real-time – facial recognition capabilities
    Facial recognition crops up on this blog more than most technologies. That’s in part because the underlying AI is advancing rapidly, boosting the ability of low-cost systems to match faces to those in databases. The Clearview saga is a good example of this, where an unheard-of startup has put together… Read more »
  • 8 ways to get rid of spam email
    It’s difficult to define exactly what constitutes email spam. What might be a useful newsletter to one person could be unwanted advertising to another, and a welcome business opportunity will be ill-received if sent to the wrong recipient. In most cases, however, a spam email is one that we did… Read more »