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  • SuperCooKey – A SuperCookie Built Into TLS 1.2 and 1.3
    In doing my research around the impact of TLS 1.3 for Private Internet Access, I came across some peculiar items in the new standards. TLS 1.3 represents a relatively large shift in cryptography, so much so that it was debated whether it should be called TLS 2.0 rather than 1.3.... Read more »
  • Black Friday VPN Deals: Save Big and Save Even More by Changing Your IP
    Hoping to find a good VPN deal on Black Friday? Good news: You don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving is over – SaferVPN is going on sale early this year. The Internet’s Best Black Friday VPN Deal If you’re looking for a great gift for your friends and family this... Read more »
  • Announcing the winner of the 2018 Future of Privacy Scholarship
    After great deliberation, we are proud to announce the winner of the ExpressVPN Future of Privacy Scholarship 2018: Savannah Sorenson, a junior from Empire High School in Tucson, Arizona. Congratulations! This year’s entries rose to the challenge of creating a 10-year plan to ensure the right to privacy for the next... Read more »
  • An introduction to threat modeling
    If you are always worried about your ISP, corporations, and the government spying on you, maybe it’s time to complete an exercise called threat modeling. It sounds like something the Pentagon does in a war room, but it’s a term used by software developers anticipating security issues in their code. Practically... Read more »
  • AI-based lie detection system will screen travellers to EU for ‘biomarkers of deceit’
    As the borders between nations have become increasingly sensitive from a political point of view, so the threats to privacy there have grown. Privacy News Online has already reported on the use of AI-based facial recognition systems as a way of tightening border controls. As software improves, and hardware becomes... Read more »
  • Why surveillance is even worse for your privacy than you thought: three cautionary tales
    Readers of this blog hardly need to be told that surveillance represents a grave threat to privacy. By its very nature, it seeks to know who we are and what we do, whether we wish that or not. But there is a secondary harm that surveillance brings – a collateral... Read more »
    In order to keep StrongVPN running smoothly, we need to perform routine maintenance on our servers and networks. This routine server maintenance includes items such as operating system updates, bug fixes, hardware checks and VPN server reboots. To make our routine maintenance efforts more predictable for customers, we have chosen... Read more »
  • We Need Decoy Operating Systems on Smartphones
    Whether it violates the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution or not, it’s an unfortunate fact that U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents routinely force travelers entering the country to unlock their phone for inspection under the threat of confiscation or prolonged detainment. Thousands of travelers per year are forced... Read more »
  • The WebRTC Security Flaw That’s Leaking IP Addresses
    A massive security flaw affecting people via a protocol called WebRTC could be leaking your IP address. Here’s what you need to know. What is WebRTC? WebRTC, or Web Real-Time Communication, is an open-source technology that streamlines real-time browser communications. As a common plugin for popular browsers, WebRTC supports browser-to-browser apps by... Read more »
  • Is internet privacy a lost cause?
    Most people think of privacy as a fundamental right. The right to have a personal conversation without someone listening, the right to keep your belongings out of public view. ExpressVPN believes that individual privacy is something everyone deserves. For a long time on the internet, there was an illusion of privacy. From... Read more »
  • ExpressVPN Black Friday discount
    As seasoned shoppers around the world know, there’s no better time for bargains than the end of November, with its double-whammy of discount days, Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Black Friday 2018 falls on November 23, with Cyber Monday landing on November 26. To celebrate, for a limited time, you can get... Read more »
  • How to improve security when using IoT or Smart Home devices
    With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Home devices, our environments are becoming more connected however this comes with the compromise of security. We’ve seen numerous reports about smart devices being hacked, being used in botnets (to attack others) or even to mine cryptocurrency. So what... Read more »
  • How to Access All of Netflix’s International Catalogs
    If you’re traveling abroad or are based in certain countries, you might find that pesky georestrictions are blocking you from your favorite shows – or from Netflix entirely. Find out how you can access all of Netflix’s international catalogs from anywhere in the world – without limitations. What Netflix Offers... Read more »
  • Mozilla and ExpressVPN announce partnership to provide VPN services
    We’re delighted to announce that ExpressVPN is partnering with Mozilla on building a more private and secure internet experience. Mozilla has long been a leader in advancing the open web and online privacy and security, a commitment that we share deeply. Together, we will be offering Firefox Lite users a free... Read more »
  • What it’s really like to work in cybersecurity
    If you have a love for all things cyber, you could be the right fit for one of the fastest-growing career fields. In the wake of a rising number of cyber attacks within the last few years, the need for cybersecurity professionals has skyrocketed. In fact, CyberSeek has calculated that... Read more »
  • Is someone watching you right now?
    Are you being spied on online? The short answer is: probably. This post will take a look at the key ways third parties could be snooping on your online activities right now. Government surveillance Your government is almost certainly spying on you. In the U.S., the National Security Agency (NSA) legally collects private... Read more »
  • Starting November 1st, Chinese police can go to any Chinese ISP to copy your data
    Earlier in October 2018, the Chinese government passed a law that grants local and central law enforcement the ability to enter the premises of any internet service providers (ISPs) or internet service companies (read: VPN companies) to inspect and copy anything. SCMP reports that this new law tightens China’s control... Read more »
  • ExpressVPN Android app: Latest updates and software upgrades
    For older versions of ExpressVPN for Android click here Notice anything different, Android users? A totally re-engineered and re-imagined ExpressVPN app is here, and, without hyperbole, it’s the best app we’ve ever produced. Stronger, faster, smarter: It’s crammed full of new features that we can’t wait for you to use, with... Read more »
  • How to test and verify the speeds of your VPN
    We often hear complaints about throughput (the technical term for download and upload speeds) and our Customer Support team will go through extensive testing, including traceroutes, MTRs, comparative testing and several other steps. Since the repeal of the Net Neutrality legislation, we’ve seen some of the biggest ISPs deliberately traffic... Read more »
  • ExpressVPN survey: Most Americans distrust voting systems, news and social media
    Results from an ExpressVPN survey conducted in October 2018 show that Americans have lost faith in both news media and social media in the run-up to the midterm elections next week. Controversies from and since the 2016 election cycle appear to have taken a greater toll on social media, however, with... Read more »
  • Swedes are inserting tiny microchips under their skin
    Fed up with carrying cumbersome keychains and bulky wallets? Why not copy a growing number of Swedes and implant tiny microchips into your fingers? Instead of searching into the depths of your pockets for your gym keycard or scrolling through your phone for your concert ticket, you can simply swipe your... Read more »
  • Celebrate Halloween With the Power of Anonymity
    Halloween is a pretty spooky season. From witches casting spells to zombies rising from the grave to pesky kids toilet papering your house, there’s a lot to worry about this month! Scary Monsters Are Everywhere Online Fortunately, (most) monsters don’t exist in the real world. But we can’t say the... Read more »
  • As many feared, Google’s ambitious Sidewalk Toronto “smart city” project turns out to be a “surveillance city”
    The idea of “smart cities” – the application of digital technologies to the urban environment – is much in vogue. But as this blog has noted, although potentially powerful, the approach does raise serious issues for privacy. Perhaps the most ambitious “smart city” project so far is one involving a... Read more »
  • California Banned Default Passwords, But Will This Increase Security?
    Last month, the State of California banned default passwords on network devices, starting January 1, 2020. This law mandates that manufacturers preprogram a unique password for each individual device and that the user is required to change this password upon first login. Default passwords on IoT (internet-of-things) devices have plagued... Read more »
  • NCSAM Week Four: IoT Security
    This week, we’re wrapping up National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with one of our most important topics yet: IoT security. So what does “IoT” mean, exactly? IoT stands for Internet of Things, which is the vast network of devices that have a connection to the internet. Everything from smartphones, washing machines, coffee... Read more »