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  • EFF wants Facebook, Twitter and 7 other giants to #FixItAlready. What does that mean?
    Perhaps the worst aspect of the privacy and security issues plaguing the tech we use every day is that they seem completely preventable. Why hasn’t Twitter encrypted direct messages? Why is Facebook using your phone number for more than your two-factor authentication? The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) plans to compel companies to address... Read more »
  • Preparing for Travel – Properly Backing Up Your Android Cell Phone
    When I prepare for travel, I take some steps to make sure that my protected data will not be read or otherwise mishandled by customs. I then follow-up with rigorous steps to ensure that my information and devices maintain their integrity and that I can trust them with the same... Read more »
  • The Top 15 Internet Freedom Influencers to Follow
    Want to know who’s leading the fight to protect your internet rights? Then don’t miss our round up of the Top 15 Internet Freedom Influencers! Our right to Internet freedom is constantly being challenged by governmental suppression of accessibility and organized infringement on our ability to openly express and share ideas. Luckily forward-thinking human rights and... Read more »
  • Russia doubles down on censorship with new ‘fake news’ and ‘internet insults’ law
    The Russian government has passed a new censorship law that allows it to target individuals and websites for such nondescript crimes as spreading “fake news” and “disrespecting” state symbols of figures – including Vladimir Putin. Specifically, Russia will be able to punish any person or site that “exhibits blatant disrespect... Read more »
  • 9 reasons to try the all-new ExpressVPN app for Android today
    For older versions of ExpressVPN for Android click here Notice anything different, Android users? A totally re-engineered and re-imagined ExpressVPN app is here, and, without hyperbole, it’s the best app we’ve ever produced. Stronger, faster, smarter: It’s crammed full of new features that we can’t wait for you to use, with... Read more »
  • ISPs in AU and NZ start censoring the internet without legal precedent
    Several websites including Voat, ZeroHedge,, LiveLeak, and others have been blocked in Australia and New Zealand in direct contravention to civil liberties that citizens are supposed to have. The biggest of these internet providers, Telstra, has published a blog post defending their censorship action – even acknowledging that free... Read more »
  • Don’t be fooled: the main beneficiary of Mark Zuckerberg’s apparent embrace of privacy is Facebook, not you
    Last week, you could have been forgiven for thinking that privacy had finally arrived. Mark Zuckerberg published a 3000-word essay entitled “A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking“, and wrote: As I think about the future of the internet, I believe a privacy-focused communications platform will become even more important than... Read more »
  • Germany considers amendment to law which makes it illegal to run a Tor node or website
    On the 15th of March, the German Bundesrat (Federal Council) voted to amend the Criminal Code in relation to internet based services such as The onion router (Tor). The proposed law has been lambasted as being too vague, with privacy experts rightfully fearful that the law would be overapplied. The... Read more »
  • We’re Celebrating StrongVPN’s 13th Anniversary!
    This month, we’re celebrating 13 years as StrongVPN.  Since we first started, we’ve expanded our network to over 650 servers around the globe, delivering privacy and security to customers in more than 40 global locations — and we’re still growing. Over our 13 years as StrongVPN, we’ve developed with the rising... Read more »
  • Celebrate Pi Day with PIA
    Pi Day is an annual celebration of mathematics and all the technology that it has enabled in the modern world. 3/14 is known as Pi Day every year because the date’s numbers represent the first three digits of Pi. As an irrational, transcendental, number – Pi has come to represent... Read more »
  • ExpressVPN WireGuard Update
    WireGuard is a free and open-source VPN protocol originally written by Jason A. Donenfeld (you can support Wireguard in their efforts here) and currently developed by Edge Security LLC. WireGuard works directly on the kernel level of a device’s operating system, making it possible to encrypt and decrypt data more... Read more »
  • Identity and Card Theft – Shielding Yourself from the Unsafe Small Business
    With a constant stream of news of big organizations that have neglected their security, we often forget that the most vulnerable organizations are the small and medium businesses that don’t have the resources to build elaborate security teams. These businesses can have a single iPad, phone or dated register protecting... Read more »
  • Least Authority and Private Internet Access announce a secure and privacy-focused cloud storage solution.
    PrivateStorage is a joint venture product developed and maintained by Least Authority and Private Internet Access. As firm believers in protection of our customers’ privacy, we joined efforts to offer a private, secure and end-to-end encrypted solution to allow the end user — not third-parties — to determine whether and... Read more »
  • 8 ways the NSA is spying on you right now
    In 2013, Edward Snowden revealed that the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) collects personal data on every American, as well as many more people worldwide. Though the scale of the surveillance was shocking at the time, it’s no longer the en vogue news story. But the fact remains that NSA continues... Read more »
  • Let’s Celebrate Consumer Rights and Freedom of Information
    This week marks two important dates on the calendar: World Consumer Rights Day on March 15 and Freedom of Information Day on March 16. Read on to learn how we at SaferVPN celebrate these two special days – and the philosophies they stand for – all year long. World Consumer... Read more »
  • Thousands protest Russia’s plans to cut off Russians’ internet access to the outside world
    The Great Firewall of Russia, “PutinNet,” Russian digital sovereignty, or the new Iron Curtain – whatever you want to call it, Russian internet censorship is about to reach a new dystopian level under Putin’s latest marching orders for the Roskomndzor. The draft legislation and plans for a walled off Internet... Read more »
  • #WinWithPIA: Private Internet Access is giving away a custom gaming computer at
    It’s time to #WinWithPIA during our custom gaming computer giveaway contest. In keeping with our long standing tradition at Private Internet Access of giving back to our community, PIA will be holding this giveaway contest at And, it starts now! Read below to find out what the prizes are,... Read more »
  • A controversial NSA phone records program might be shutting down
    The National Security Agency (NSA) may be ending a program that analyzes the records of hundreds of millions of domestic calls and messages in the U.S. A senior Republican congressional aide, Luke Murry, mentioned on the Lawfare podcast that the agency hadn’t used the program in months, making its renewal unlikely... Read more »
  • Ranked: Security and privacy for the most popular web browsers in 2019
    In a listicle world where even the trivial is quantified, judged, and graded, let’s rank something important for a change: Which web browsers are best for protecting your security and privacy? The contestants First, we took the measure of the goliaths: Chrome, the runaway leader in market share; Internet Explorer, the former... Read more »
  • India proposes mass surveillance measures in new IT bill
    India’s government is taking drastic steps to surveil and censor content on social media platforms in an attempt to stem what they consider “unlawful information or content.” Proposed last year and expected to take effect soon, the amendments to Section 79 of India’s IT Act, also known as the Intermediary Guidelines,... Read more »
  • An unprotected server leaked 24 million sensitive housing documents not once but twice
    If you live in the U.S. and bought a house sometime over the last decade, your information may be at risk. According to TechCrunch, more than 24 million mortgage and banking documents were exposed not once but twice. The exposed information included mortgage loan agreements, payment schedules, borrowers’ phone numbers, and... Read more »
  • Watch the 2019 Oscars Live from Anywhere
    The 2019 Academy Awards – the Oscars – will be broadcast live on Sunday, February 24. Here’s how to live stream the movie industry’s biggest night of the year live for free from anywhere around the world! This year’s Oscars will be televised from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California, where... Read more »
  • Share files securely and anonymously with OnionShare 2
    We’ve been using OnionShare for a while at ExpressVPN and are quite excited to get our hands on the second version of Micah Lee’s convenient privacy tool. Before OnionShare, sending files to a colleague online was either a massive pain, or required the use of services like Dropbox or Google, which... Read more »
  • Beware of Pineapple Wi-Fi Tools: Silicon Valley Highlights Hacking
    Public Wi-Fi is a great convenience. But it comes with plenty of risks and vulnerabilities. The tools necessary for hackers to access your sensitive information are getting smaller and more accessible every day! Among these are “Pineapple WiFi” tools – and in this blog, we’ll tell you more about them. Before... Read more »
  • Delete these now: The worst apps for privacy in 2019
    It’s about the time of year when well-intended resolutions fall by the wayside. Don’t beat yourself up, though. You might feel like a big fat failure, but you probably just didn’t pick the right resolutions. While that promise to hit the gym five days a week seemed both reassuring and... Read more »