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  • New partnership brings ExpressVPN protection to LastPass users
    We’re excited to announce that ExpressVPN has partnered with the password management provider LastPass to help its users stay private and secure online. Starting today, all new and existing LastPass Premium and Families subscribers will be offered a 30-day free trial of ExpressVPN. By adopting a password manager, LastPass users… Read more »
  • Facebook faces lawsuit for spying on Instagram users with camera
    Facebook is facing a lawsuit which alleges that the Instagram app spied on users through their cameras. Earlier this year, an update to iOS which included privacy warnings when an app does things like open the camera or access the clipboard called out the Instagram app accessing the camera unexpectedly… Read more »
  • Web sites shared over 100 trillion pieces of our personal data last year: time to stop real-time bidding’s blatant disregard of privacy
    Last week Privacy News Online wrote about developments in the long-running battle between the privacy campaigner Max Schrems and Facebook. One of the key issues there is the failure by the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) to act on the initial complaint made by Schrems seven years ago. That matters,… Read more »
  • Russia wants to outlaw TLS 1.3, ESNI, DNS over HTTPS, and DNS over TLS
    The Russian Ministry of Digital Development, Communications, and Mass Media has released a draft law which outlines plans to outlaw TLS 1.3, ESNI, DNS over HTTPS, and DNS over TLS. The draft law (text in Russian) “bans the use of encryption protocols allowing for hiding the name (identifier) of a… Read more »
  • 5 ways to keep your browsing history hidden from ISPs
    All your data first passes through your internet service provider. If it’s not properly encrypted, your ISP is able to read all of it. And with the repeal of net neutrality rules in the U.S. a few years ago, ISPs can also sell that data to third parties for better… Read more »
  • Privacy News Online Weekly Podcast
    UPDATE: September 21, 2020 The Privacy News Online: Weekly News Podcast has been added to iHeartRadio. Privacy News Online Podcast links: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Pandora: TuneIn:–Politics-Podcasts/Privacy-News-Online-p1357633/ iHeartRadio: We are still waiting for approval from Amazon / Audible. Once approved, this post will updated. .wp-post-image{display:none} The… Read more »
  • Choosing a VPN for the WeChat and TikTok Ban: Paid VPN vs. Free VPN
    Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a popular and effective way to bypass bans. Recently, the governments in India and the United States have banned certain apps like WeChat and TikTok from the app store. While the bans currently only stop users from downloading the app from the app store and… Read more »
  • Starting Sunday, TikTok and WeChat banned in US: American users will need a VPN
    The United States government has officially banned TikTok and WeChat from American phones, citing national security concerns. Starting Sunday, September the 20th, TikTok and WeChat will no longer be allowed in the Apple iOS Store or the Google Play Store. The news comes from a U.S. Department of Commerce press… Read more »
  • Privacy News Online | Weekly Review: September 18, 2020
    Featured: Privacy News Online – Week of September 18th, 2020 lets you comment against Trump’s “Censor the Internet” executive order Digital rights advocacy group Fight for the Future has been driving comments to the FCC with a campaign on their new site: The FCC had a call for… Read more »
  • Researchers were able to figure out which American phone numbers use Signal
    Privacy flaws in contact discovery have led to a research team being able to enumerate all American Signal users. Enumeration means that using the contact discovery built into the Signal app, researchers were able to perform a large-scale crawling attack and figure out which American phone numbers were attached to… Read more »
  • Latest developments in the long-running and crucial Schrems vs. Facebook GDPR privacy battle
    Back in July, this blog reported on a major victory for the privacy campaigner Max Schrems at the Court of Justice of the European Union, (CJEU). Following that win, the big question now is: what effects will it have on the handling of personal data by the Internet giants? A… Read more »
  • AT&T to offer ad supported phone plans where you give up privacy for $5 to $10
    AT&T is planning to offer ad-supported phone plans within a year, according to an exclusive interview that AT&T CEO John Stankey had with Reuters. For those that are keeping track of anti-privacy moves from AT&T, this action is particularly stanky. Stankey told Reuters: “I believe there’s a segment of our… Read more »
  • Surveillance capitalism: How every ‘like’ adds to your data for sale
    Search for something innocuous like a pair of shoes, protein powder, or vacation ideas, and you know what happens next: Ads about similar products or services follow us around as we navigate the web. This phenomenon was once creepy, but it now happens with such regularity that we’re accustomed to… Read more »
  • How a Tesla employee saved the company from a ransomware attack
    The FBI recently announced the arrest of Russian national Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov, charged with a conspiracy to recruit an employee of Tesla and attempt to “introduce malicious software into the company’s computer network, extract data from the network, and extort ransom money from the company.” The Tesla employee—whose name hasn’t… Read more »
  • lets you comment against Trump’s “Censor the Internet” executive order
    Fight for the Future has unveiled a new website and campaign to Save Free Speech Online: The website helps you make a comment on the public record against President Trump’s most recent plan to destroy free speech online. Last year, President Trump unveiled a plan to bring a damaging… Read more »
  • What is Parsec Gaming and is it Secure?
    Fighting games are famously competitive. The genre breeds intense high-level competition and an incredibly passionate fanbase, both of which have taken a bit of a hit this year. Since fighting game input timing can be punishingly strict, local play has always been the preferred way to duke it out. With… Read more »
  • Welcome to the quantum Internet, with privacy guaranteed by the laws of physics
    Quantum computing is gradually moving from the realm of science – and even science fiction – to become a practical technology that is being used in real-life contexts. Three years ago, Privacy News Online wrote about one aspect – the possibility that quantum computers will be able to unlock all… Read more »
  • Privacy News Online | Weekly Review: September 11, 2020
    Featured: Privacy News Online – Week of September 11th, 2020 Federal courts rule that reverse location requests by police violate the Fourth Amendment Law enforcement has previously used reverse location requests, otherwise known as geo fencing warrants, to ask tech companies like Google to provide a list of all smartphones… Read more »
  • Yes, your e-reader tracks you, too. Here’s what to do about it.
    This year has given us plenty of reasons to seek out forms of escapism. For bookworms in particular, getting an e-reader would be a savvy way to add to their literary arsenal. Not only are there advantages to ebooks—they cost less, save space, and can be played as audio books—but… Read more »
  • UN human rights experts condemn China’s new national security law for Hong Kong
    Human rights experts from the United Nations have published a 14-page letter which was sent to China in which they lay out their concerns that China is violating international human rights agreements with their new law. The letter was written by UN special rapporteur, Fionnuala Ni Aolain, along with six… Read more »
  • Defend against online stalkers and doxing
    The origins of online harassment and how to stop it are difficult to analyze. However, we know that online stalkers and perpetrators of harassment are willing to go far to expose their victims–an act known as doxing or doxxing. Stalking often becomes a physical threat to internet users, beyond the… Read more »
  • PIA’s NextGen VPN network is a huge deal, update to try it out now
    The Private Internet Access Next Generation Network is online and functional, but you need to be using the latest version of the PIA client on your device to take full advantage of it. The NextGen VPN Network was first unveiled to our beta testers for a beta preview back in… Read more »
  • A researcher hacked satellite internet connections with $300 equipment
    Satellite internet connections are a necessity in areas where broadband or cellular internet is unavailable. They’re commonly used by workers on remote oil rigs, ships traversing international waters, and airlines. But a recent experiment by Oxford Univeristy Ph.D. researcher James Pavur demonstrates how easy it is to intercept these signals.… Read more »
  • New iOS 14 Privacy Changes Explained
    Smart phones have posed privacy issues since their inception. While the idea of being connected to the internet at all times has always felt futuristic and beneficial, the reality is that that same connection has opened the door for surveillance, invasions of privacy, and questionable practices. Recently, Apple has decided… Read more »
    In order to keep StrongVPN running smoothly, we need to perform routine maintenance on our servers and networks. This routine server maintenance includes items such as operating system updates, bug fixes, hardware checks, and VPN server reboots. To make our routine maintenance efforts more predictable for customers, we have chosen… Read more »