The campaign for private and secure Internet.

Unblock the web

Corporations and government agencies have far more access to our lives than most people would imagine or allow. This needs to stop.

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Who is ToVPN?

#TurnOnVPN is a small privacy advocacy group, committed to challenging the surveillance regimes of governments and data snoops.

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What Can You Do?

Protect your internet with a VPN, then join the Twitter #TurnOnVPN movement to air concerns about your privacy. Why do you #TurnOnVPN?

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Use A VPN To Protect YOUR Internet

A Global Surveillance State

Nearly everything you do online is watched and recorded. Governments and companies have far more access to our personal lives than anyone would imagine or allow.

We’re unknowingly surveilled and recorded, consistently. Governments and corporations know everything about us. They know what we do, where we go, and who we communicate with.

Although the government may tout terrorism or extreme circumstances to justify their brutal surveillance regimes, the power they take is never given back when the crisis is over.

We’ve had enough of them taking so much, so often. It seems nothing a spying agency does is illegal. And they still want to take more.

Enough! Too much power lies with too few people. They are our governments. We are not their people.

Do not let them take our Internet!