Why do you #TurnOnVPN?

Blocked Content

Don’t let governments dictate what you can see on the internet–they have no right to dictate the content available to the people. But there is a way people all around the world can beat the ban and access blocked content.

Privacy solutions like Tor are great for the tech savvy, but a VPN is the simplest way for everyone to have an open and free internet.

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Global Surveillance

Ever since Edward Snowden’s global surveillance disclosures of 2013, more people are fighting to take back their privacy. The NSA should not have unlimited access to our private and personal data.

Who does the surveillance really protect? Is it the people? Or is it the draconian regime behind the spying?

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Government Censorship

The internet is the greatest invention of humankind. It allows free knowledge and communication for everyone around the world. It is the ultimate expression of free speech and freedom.

So why are governments seeking to control it? What right do they have to take away such a precious commodity of the people?

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