If you closely follow the news and recent developments in the world of cybersecurity, you may perhaps already know that the world around us is in the grip of cyber-warfare. Most of the cyber-attacks happening nowadays are against city governments, charities, and corporate organisations. Having said this, most organisations are still unprepared for the enormous scale of cyber threats that are about to unfold in times to come.

Government officials have already warned us that cyber-attacks are rising in frequency and severity in the post-lockdown era, as more and more employees work from home. So, what makes companies located in Central London, nearby suburbs, and other cities across the country easy targets for cyberattacks, and how can we combat this serious threat to our business communities? 

In this article, we take a closer look at what makes metropolitan areas and larger cities in the UK a favourite target of cybercriminals, and what organisations in London (and cities across the country) can do for strengthening their own cybersecurity and protecting their best interests during tough times like these.

What Makes UK Cities So Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks?

Last year, the City of London Corporation experienced around 2.8 million cyber-attacks within a span of just 3 months, which roughly equates to close to a million attacks per month. This year, almost half of UK businesses (around 46%) reported having cyber attacks or security breaches in the last 12 months.

What’s worth noting is that the most common targets for such attacks are large businesses (75%), medium-sized businesses (68%), and high-income charities (57%), most of which have their offices or headquarters in Central London, nearby suburbs, or other large cities in the UK. By targeting such organisations, bad actors can ensure they get paid handsomely for stealing sensitive business data! 

The bottom line: larger cities in the country offer just what the cybercriminals are usually looking for – vulnerable organisations that have a lot of value and reputation at stake.

How to Avoid Cyber Attacks and Strengthen Cybersecurity Mechanisms

  • Conduct regular cybersecurity audits
  • Conduct cybersecurity awareness training for your entire staff on a regular basis
  • Hire the right cybersecurity professionals for the job
  • Give network security utmost importance
  • Provide your entire staff with a secure, enterprise-grade VPN connection
  • Ensure all the software used by the organisation is always patched and updated to the latest version
  • Set up centralised security management and operations
  • Make sure you are using the best possible firewall, anti-virus, and anti-malware solutions
  • Keep hardware like printers and hard disk secured
  • Update, implement, and enforce your information security policies
  • Utilise end-point security management software that offers the best possible network security
  • Implement strict policies and protocols for email security across the organisation
  • Make several backups of your important, high-value databases on a regular basis
  • Implement account security protocols such as Two-factor Authentication and User Access Control for all employee accounts
  • Have a contingency and disaster recovery plan in place
  • Consider working with a Managed IT Support Provider in London that offers cybersecurity services

Final Thoughts

As our cities rapidly progress towards hyper-connectivity, some of them will house organisations that thrive, while many others will struggle with cybersecurity issues. Needless to say, not paying attention to cybersecurity comes with its own costs.

No organisation is too big or small to be targeted, which is why it makes sense to make cybersecurity a priority for your organisation, especially if your business has offices in London or other large cities in the country. Businesses that choose to ignore this simple message will learn some harsh lessons in times to come while putting their operations and revenue at stake.

With that in mind, cybersecurity is something that must be undertaken by experts only. You can leave no room for error when it comes to safeguarding your organisation’s best interests.

This article is from Amazing Support, an expert IT Support and Cyber Security firm based in London.