More and more businesses report data breaches, but a survey of hacked firms by Barkly, a web security provider, found that more than half (52%) of hacked companies haven’t made changes to their IT security in 2017.

VPNs offer a straightforward and reliable security solution that should be an essential part of your security set-up, and here are ten reasons why you should use one:

1. Online threats are on the rise

There were 1,093 reported data breaches in the US during 2016, a 40% increase compared with 2015, and one in ten people in the UK suffered from cybercrime in 2016, with online security breaches accounting for half of all crime in the country.

2. Hackers love attacking small businesses

71% of attacks occur at companies with less than 100 employees, largely because small operations don’t have the budget for a dedicated online security team, according to in-depth research by Verizon.

3. VPNs are simple to use

When you’ve chosen a provider, activating the service can be as simple as setting up payment, installing the software, and selecting a secure IP location from the selection your provider offers—all of which takes less than 5 minutes.

4. VPNs are a cost-effective solution

VPNs provide a cost-effective, secure network to companies that may not have the budget, or the scale to invest in managing online security or buying costly infrastructure. Techradar’s ranking of the top 10 paid VPN services, which are largely more reliable than free services, shows that costs range from $4.5 to $12.99 per month.

5. VPNs will protect your clients

Data breaches won’t just disrupt your business, but they will impact how your customers’ perceive you. With this in mind, building a VPN-secured network will protect not only your data but your client relationships too.

6. VPNs let you do business anywhere

There’s a long list of countries that control what you can see online, including China and Turkey, but a VPN will give you access to your files from anywhere at any time meaning firewall frustrations and business interruptions will become a thing of the past.

7. VPNs offer secure communications

If you employ remote workers, you’ll want to be sure that competitors and hackers can’t access communications and company data, putting a VPN-secured communication network in place can give you the protection you need from the increased security risk of having a scattered workforce accessing your central IT systems.

8. VPNs will save you money

Companies charge different prices in different locations, with travel agents being a great example. Having a VPN will allow you to choose an IP address based in the country with the lowest prices, allowing you to beat price discrimination and save money.

9. VPNs increase your company’s productivity

With a VPN-secured communication network in place, you can hire remote workers and save on outlays on desk space, thus boosting your workforce power but protecting your bottom line. What’s more, a VPN-secured network will nullify the impact of train strikes and inclement weather on worker mobility because it means workers can operate safely and securely at home, thus reducing work absences and maintaining your company’s operations.

10. VPNs protect you from the prying eyes of government

Governments across the world are rolling back safeguards on personal and corporate privacy online, meaning it is open season for government departments and corporate players on your most personal, and sensitive information. Using a VPN means your data will be protected and taken well out of reach, giving you peace of mind and protecting your interests.

Get a VPN for business for peace of mind and huge savings

These ten factors add up to a compelling case for you to make a VPN your first line of defence when protecting your firm’s data security.

But hold your horses, not all VPNs are the same—an especially important factor to bear in mind now that there are more VPNs on the market than ever.

So take the time to research the market and be prepared to be picky when it comes to which service you sign up with.

With your privacy at stake and an average cost of $21,155 per day to deal with the impact of a cyber attack, a small investment in a VPN has enormous potential savings. Start your search today and get yourself the protection that your business and ambitions deserve.